My Creativity Has Been Stunted.

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I really. . . I'm disheartened and appalled.

I thought that blogs were personal, or at least looked at as no one's business but the authors.

Yet, one of my entries was deleted and the other, apparently, only BARELY got by without offending the moderators.

I am not allowed to express myself, even if I happen to be a little harsh with it? If someone doesn't like my opinion, then here's a tip: Don't read my blog.
I just don't get it. There is a difference between a site being FRIENDLY and it being POLICED.

It was that every time I entered this site (as short a time ago as it was that I joined) I would rush to see my messages and what others have posted on the boards.

Now, at being warned because I told -- a person here that her opinions were, in fact, her own, I no longer feel welcome.
I don't feel as if I can say what I want to say. I never once attempted to harass or annoy anyone. I didn't stir up controversy for no reason, even if my fingers sometimes wrote without properly consulting with my brain, first.

Now, when I enter the boards, I feel like everything is stale. It is as though all of the happy kindness felt before has now been peeled back to reveal the icy stare of subjugation.

Remember on Annie (I think that's which movie it is) where the children would come down and say, "We love you Miss Hannigan," or what ever her name was, even though they did not really love her?
It was just a requirement so that everything would be on the up and up.

A mere pretense of jovial kindness and a personable atmosphere is worse than if people were honest and a bit harsher.

Every time I want to make a post, now, I feel as though it is being scrutinized to make sure I haven't disagreed with anyone too harshly, or given an opinion that isn't TOO far different than the orthodox.

Not only those posts, by my bloody BLOG!? I mean, why?!
Because I have a wide range of views on many different things, I am held back! That's prejudice, is it not? To say that because people MIGHT be offended by my beliefs, because they are reading my blog which THEY DON'T HAVE TO, I must be subdued and contained.

It's not like you don't get warning.
On the homepage of this website, you can see the title of my blog entry and systematically avoid clicking on it.

I heard that people actually COMPLAINED about one of my entries, which was subsequently deleted.
Why complain? Why not just-- not read it? I don't get it.

Anyway, as I was saying before, I just feel stifled.
My chest is twisted into nervous knots every time I enter the site, for fear I will be once again castigated because of some trivial comment I made here or there.

I am glad that this place is different from. . . other places, because it IS more friendly-- with sincerity!
But I somehow doubt that it is the terribly strict rules that keep the place so friendly.
I believe it is when people are obviously rude and harassing, and our moderators berate them; that is what keeps things friendly.
Don't let people become pointlessly rude or obnoxious or start needless controversy over everything.

But when a person posts a blog entry that happens to rant and it is deleted? That's just. . . silly.

I was so excited for this community that I dearly desired to be apart of, and now I simply feel as though I am being limited and held back.

I fear that I will abandon this place at some point, but I worry that I will never find a place as good as this.
Sadness is overcoming me even as I write this.

I hope that whoever reads this will not feel compelled to have it removed simply because my opinions offend them.
My heart merely speaks for itself.

- Atari
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