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Sioux Indians, Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greece, Feudal Japan, the Zulu empire, Napoleonic France, 1850s America...

I have a fascination with history and my creativity loves to insert itself into every single period imaginable. It's so overwhelming.

Just now I thought of writing a story about the Sioux Indians (before the Indian wars). Since I think I have a small glimmer of a liking to mystery stories (just starting out with Sherlock Holmes), guess what the plot is. :D A Sioux indian solves mysteries for his chief!

But that's not the only time. I've had ideas for mystery series set in the Ottoman Empire, Feudal Japan, even in the Zulu Empire at the time of Shaka.

I know I can just do them all as seperate mysteries featuring different characters with different situations, but shouldn't there be a limit? Before long, I'll start having a mystery story following a servant in Queen Elizabeth I's court.

...It just happened. :p

So, tips? Should I write them all down so I won't forget? What about the individual mysteries? What should I do about them?
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