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So I should like be... rehearsing French verbs and sentences and constructing business letters but I’m pretty tired, really. And since I’m also quite sick of studying I’m going to postpone it a (very little) bit and ramble. Or you know, what I always do. Because I know you’d love to do what I did today, I won’t keep it from you any longer and tell.

* coughs *

Today has been a really nice day. I woke up early and had breakfast, gathered all the things I’d need and after a while left with my sister to the station (she brings me, and I her when she has to go, ‘cause we’re cool sisters like that). I couldn’t wave her goodbye though, cause lots of annoying people with huge newspapers decided to sit in front of me blocking my view. Ah well. She gave me a high five before I jumped on the train anyway.

So there I was, lonely and abandoned (okay, not really) on my way to Brussels, and there was this guy sitting a few seats from me that I decided was an interesting object to study while rehearsing all the boringness I had to rehearse. I hope the poor man didn’t realise I was watching him, or he might have felt quite uncomfortable. I thought he looked somewhat Italian, was wearing a sky-blue shirt, he had a lightly tanned skin and black hair that was a little wavy. In his hand he held a couple of papers that every once in a while he seemed to be looking at and I wondered if he, like me, might be going to do exams. Of course, being the shy girl I am, there was no way I was going to ask him that. As I noticed the guy wasn’t very interesting really, I left him for what he was and concentrated on my papers.

After a while I had to switch of train, and the blue-shirted guy did the same. On the train went, and finally we arrived in Brussels - where I raced towards the building I had to be, since I * ahum * had to go to the bathroom quite urgently (just in case you ever go to Belgium: the toilets in the train are pretty disgusting mostly). (Oh and by the way, I had lost track of the blue-shirt guy somewhere in the station, I hope he didn’t trip over someone’s suitcase and broke his neck...) Then I was let in the auditorium which is not as impressive as one of a theatre and also quite boring, but still pretty cool. I got to sit next to the guy I had been sitting with on my last exam and we chatted a bit (while explanation was given and we had to be silent- we’re such wicked kids) and then we could commence. Oh wait, they forgot something. How much time did we have for the test? I decided to ask and got as answer: “I don’t know.”
Huh? Okay. The dear lady asked ME how much time I might need, and I grinned: “Two hours would be nice.”
Guess what? Two hours we got.

Anyway, it wasn’t very difficult and after about forty-five minutes I could go outside and breathe the free air again. I still talked a while with my neighbour-in-test while he was smoking (and I got some huge amounts of cigarette smoke in my face) but I think he was quite... well, not very interested in what I had to say cause he kept interupting me and continuing about himself. :rolleyes:

But, home was waiting for me and so I left for the station again to see which train I needed to take. I was so very cool to buy myself some m&m’s :cool: and waited on a bench while listening to my even cooler ipod with terribly cool headphones... and then FINALLY the train arrived.

Home! Yes, more books and papers and word documents were waiting for me. But tomorrow... * huge sigh *
Ah well. We’re not there yet! (Except in Australia)
So yeah... * crosses fingers * Here’s to hoping I won’t forget EVERYTHING.

I bid you all good night.
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