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My Day

Published by thefreshman in the blog thefreshman's blog. Views: 51

Was ok. Not great not terrible, there was a tornado warning and I spent like 30 minutes in this basement type thing in our apartment complex. I have come tot he realization that Sarah probably doesn't want to go out with me :(. Which means that my love life is again in shambles.

I went to the mall with my buddy Adam, otherwise known as Smalz, he's like 6'5". We saw his ex-gf which was awkward for me and him, and I gave her the nickname Sunny. I walked into Hot Topic after about 15 minutes of Sunny and Smalz begging me to, a very significant part of me died when I waked into that store.

I got home and started thinking about the direction in which my life is going, and I am not very happy with it. So, I am kinda depressed and come to think of it my day wasn't okay, it sucked the @$$. I'm going to listen to some music to cool myself down.

Same time same place tomorrow folks. Peace

Currently Listening to - My World By: Sick Puppies.
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