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My Day

Published by thefreshman in the blog thefreshman's blog. Views: 59

Hmmmm, today was uneventful. All that really happened was I did a AP US History project. It was kinda fun because we had to make an Academy Awards show and I was the host so I got to make really bad jokes and act like a fool in front of a video camera.

I had my short story corrected by my english teacher, whom said it was well written to give her anything else I write so she can read and proofread it. :). I'm talking about the one I submitted to this weeks contest btw.

I haven't talked to Sarah, in like 2 days. So I haven't actually asked her to prom yet. Which I might just skip or go stag. That way I;m not on a clock to ask her out.

All in all, my days haven't good. But they aren't getting worse at least. Which is the only good thing I can say about the last few weeks.

Currently Listening To: (3 continuously :))
Walk On Water Or Drown - Mayday Parade
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My World - Sick Puppies (Yes I am still listening to it)
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