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First I would like to apologize to everyone that cares, I haven't been on the forum for about 5 days now. My blog or even the lounge, or anything. Though I doubt you people missed me too much, if at all.

So my spring break has been pretty awesome.

My birthday was Monday, I turned 17. So now I can go see rated R films! My date with Sarah didn't end up working out because she had to work. Which was pretty sad for me but, I had my buddies Fuzz (that's his nickname, his real name is Josh) and Scott over and we played some Halo 3 and COD 4 on X-box Live for my birthday. That was fun.

Tuesday I went to my buddy Dan's and spent the night there because we were going to go golfing Wednesday. We stayed up late watching Family Guy and playing N64 Mortal Combat. BTW Raiden in that game is so cheap!

Wednesday, me Dan, Andrew, Josh (different Josh, not Fuzz), Zach, and Ty. Went and played golf. I owned there faces, I shot a 39 and the closest to my score was Dan, he shot like a 52.

Today, was by far the best day though. I called Sarah and she isn't working tomorrow so we are going to see Watchmen at 6:15 at AMC.

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