My epic saga along these unfamiliar lands.

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So 2012 was almost here and i wanted to start something new. So i looked at my stack of first drafts and first paragraphs scraps of half written poems and i go online. I find this really great site here and I join up. Then i find the true extent of this site and i am overwhelmed. Shorts to essays to screenplays to poems. This place is perfect right? And with really talented and helpful members to boot.

So i get this idea about how i can push myself as a hobbyist in the diverse artform of the written word. I am planning to post and critique in every forum and subforum in the workshop. (romance in short stories might only get a flashfiction piece out of me honestly)

I have never written a song or screenplay or plenty other things here, so this is me staring at the deepend.

I already participated in the poetry contest along with posting in the poetry, novel, and humor workshops. So check those out if you want. I think i'll be posting up some nonfiction next.

Anyway just thought I'd christian this journey with an official post

Along those lines, anyone else try something like this? I'm always curious about other writer's habits and lifestyles. How they push themeselfs ans whatnot. It's like peeking on the guy next to yours test.
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