HorusEye Feb 12, 2010
The only answer I've learned from reading philosophy is that I'm not the only one who's felt lost in the universe.

I think of human beings as a species of animals who are just too intelligent for their own good.

On a lower level, I see us all as being parts of the same cloud of atoms. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether we're unborn, alive or dead really has no cosmic significance.

But we're here, now. If something feels right and good in the moment, then we should try our best to enjoy that. Like experiencing an abstract painting, you can either work your brain hard to try and understand its purpose and meaning, or simply disengage from such futility and enjoy whatever impressions you get from watching it. Oh, and keep in mind, you didn't pay admission to the gallery.

Like Bill Hicks once said: It's all just a ride.