My first two months as a Freelancer

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First, Happy Holidays!

Secondly, If you follow my modest blog,(and I hope you do,) then you may or may not know that a little over two months ago I moved from my home state of Texas to Michigan. It was more than just a move for me, it was a change in my way of life. A much-needed change. For twelve years I held a position as an office manager/lead technician for a rural Veterinary practice. It was a very high-stress job, and by year ten I knew I would not be able to do it for much longer. It sapped my creativity and made me miserable most days. I was burned out, and I couldn't write.

So, I made the move, and the job that I thought was waiting for me here in Michigan wasn't. I tried to find work (and am still looking), but I find myself in an odd situation. I'm either grossly overqualified, or horribly under-qualified for most positions, and I have no degree. So, I turned to freelancing.

With so many platforms out there like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, it's become easier than ever to get work if you're tenacious enough to hang in there. Because of my freelancing gigs, it's given me time, and a much-needed confidence boost with regard to my writing. It's also teaching me exactly what it means to survive as a writer if you want that to be your sole source of income.

I'm gearing up to finish a short story that I'm ghostwriting for someone out of Australia. This will be the second short I've done through Freelancer. The part I like about it is that the higher my ranking there the more I can charge for my services. So while I'm still a relative newbie, I won't always be paid like one. I know some writers can earn quite a bit of money per hour per project. I hope to get there. Right now I'm earning about $15 an hour, which is still better than I was paid at my old position. Which is really nice.

I was curious what other's experiences were with regard to freelancing? I look forward to reading your comments!
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