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Because I know who I am, what I am, I know that I can do it and I know it's only a matter of time. I see competition around me. Soon it is behind me, merely a memory as I proceed toward what is next to be. I simply have faith that it will be all right, regardless and in spite of anything. My confidence empowers my...

I have been shaken, I've been made to tremble; I've been knocked back, and knocked down. So has everyone. It doesn't really matter. You proceed because you need to...or you must. But be dedicated. Have the will and the heart and with total conviction bring to life your...

Because what is life without? It is my greatest treasure, my northern star. Aspire and enrich yourself. There is so much that will entice you on the path of...

Seeking something new. Rushing into the unknown. Don't expect the most fabulous time, but just have curiousity and a sense of...

Be willing to set out and explore life off the main road. Chase the things which caught your fancy. Rise to the challenges, be daring to the dangers- explore everything in and around yourself. I can't think of any other use for life than just learning, finding, revealing, and experiencing everything regardless of the...

I hardly have to ask for it. Challenges always come in and usually in intimidating situations. You'll feel it when it comes. A real challenge. You tingle. The world seems to vibrate and everything inside you is telling you to run...except that feeling that says it would be awesome if you could overcome this. At that point you stand between the decision and either has such an impact on your life. To go around or through, how you deal with them defines you. But in all things never proceed without

It is not knowledge but the application of knowledge to your actions. It is a habit of doing the best things, avoiding the worst things, and discerning all things. Because of this some things that seem so fun you will turn away. But it's good to know that you do it so that you can have fun another a better way. One that doesn't compromise or harm you down the line. One that doesn't put you at risk or put you through needless conflict down the line.

All of these are m most precious things. My only things. In the end, they are probably the only things that matter. The only thing greater than them is actually among them. They are my

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