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My hair is falling out - Reallythin.com

Published by natureday in the blog natureday's blog. Views: 133

Are you wondering why your hair is falling out when you wash or brush your hair?
I was wondering the same thing when I gave birth to my third child. Having three kids in a row can really deplete your bodies’ natural vitamins. If you have this problem, then I would suggest you do several things. First, get rid of any shampoo that you bought at a retail store. Try to get a natural shampoo at the health food store instead. Then take a multi vitamin every day- who cares if it costs 20 to 30 bucks for the bottle- your body is worth it. If you think you are anemic, them make sure to take prenatal vitamins. Even if you are not pregnant and if you are a guy- a prenatal is what you need if you or if your family members is anemic- it runs in the family. The reason why you need to take a prenatal is because they have extra Iron and other things that an anemic person needs badly. After those two suggestions, I can offer you the best advice possible. It is what worked for me personally, and for another girl friend that I told this about.
It is a supplement called blue green algae. It is vital to your health and to fix whatever depletion your body is trying to tell you about with the hair loss- Blue green algae is the perfect solution.
For 6 months, gobs of hair fell out in my hands when ever I would try to wash or brush it. After just 3 days of doing all the things I suggested above- it stopped falling out.
Also, make sure you eat Iodine rich foods at once a month. There has been new studies reported that in all of the breast cancer subjects there was a depletion of iodine in their bodies. Where can you get Iodine foods? The best answer is seaweed. So eat some sushi and love it! A Miller
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