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Science Fiction and Humour aren't touched upon often, but where it has been used its always been to massively brilliant effect in my opinion. Terry Pratchett wrote an endless amount of books, most of which are not only entertaining for adults but children as well. Douglas Adams took the art of Science Fiction massively far with the Hithhiker's series, combining general randomness with pure genius.

Although I may not even be a smidge on the underpants of this genre, I intend to follow in their footsteps to become another one in the small list of people to write Comedy Sci-Fi. The only problem is my organisation.

These last few months I've written bits and pieces for the book. I've got the general plotline sorted, its just linking it altogether. Documents and bits of paper are flying all over the place in my house at the moment, not having a clue where the hell they are or what destination they're supposed to be going. Character profiles are absolutely massove as I tend to delve way to deep into their personality, even their opinions on drugs and politics which pretty much will play no part in the storyline are outlined just in case. You never know with writing what you're going to think up next.

I've got randomly made up alien races from all corners of the Universe, even though we haven't got a clue where any of those corners are. Equipment used, weapons, toilet facilities, ship designs. I've thought of everything! I just hope I'll be able to use all this.

So, as you can probably tell, I'm completely disorganised, but what I have written is pretty good I feel, combining the realism of today's Universe with a genuine 'could happen' evolution of man which is shielded from our race's eyes.

Want more? I wouldn't expect so, but I'll be posting here nevertheless. Stay tuned, and you may be able to nick my plot, even though it will probably turn out to be as irrelevant and ridiculous as Britney Spears appearing in a period drama.
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