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My life is interesting...

Published by LionofPerth in the blog LionofPerth's blog. Views: 109

As in the 'May you live in interesting times' curse.

I got a heap of work done, rejigging the shield rules for a fleet based game, and that was not fun. I got some work done on my stories, after a pretty serious edit, and the fanfics aren't left to rot just yet.

I mean I should drop em, or give em to people, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I guess I could take a sojourn from them. What do you guys think?

As for the other part, turns out I ran into an ex, and we still got sparks for the other... Yes, I know, ex, didn't work then, won't work now and the usual stuff, but honestly, I want to give it a chance, so I'll see if I can buy her lunch or something soon. If I' on here and really happy, well you know why.
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