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My life is so uneventful...

Published by solarstarrkatt in the blog solarstarrkatt's blog. Views: 57

The highlight of my day was going to Biglots and acting like I'm in therapy with Raven. No one was at the summer program I go to, so Deb decided screw it and she took us to her apartment. Well, we went to Biglots first, then we went to her apartment.
I'm trying, I honestly am, to try and get more stuff on here, since I only have one story, but I can't write until I know that my laptop will get fixed. I can't write on this computer because it doesn't have any accounts, and I will sooner burn all of my 30STM CDs and listen to Miley and the Jonas bros again before I save to this piece of crap. Because I don't like people reading it without my knowing. I know someone on the internet will read it, so I have no problem with it.
See ya
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