My NaNoWriMo story thus far

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I should have named this blog entry: Avoiding the Cliche. Actually, that was the very first post, other than the obligatory introduction post, that I ever posted. It was all about fantasy cliches and how to avoid them... obviously.

Well, a friend of mine challenged me to write a fantasy-based story for the NaNoWriMo competition. He knows how competitive I am and how much I abhor fantasy novels. Something about them makes me ill. I think it is simply how many of them there are that blatantly rips off a certain English fellow. I accepted my friends challenge and have begun my work. This is what I have thus far...

First of all I have decided against having a single protagonist being the one to save the world. Instead, the hero of the humans, the one man who led them into an ascension to brilliance, and who has been the one every single man knows will beat the enemy, has unfortunately died of typhoid. Oh, and the main benevolent country in the story is a representative republic, so if the mythical farmboy superhero wants to come save the day as the mighty leader he'll have to run for office and win the vote. No, I'm not kidding.

The benevolent country, the one fighting for its sovereignty, is also under the duress of racism. You see, at one point the entire world was under the boot of a strict theocracy run by the elves. The humans, who were treated as equals but made up the majority of the military, revolted and made their own nations elsewhere. Some are democracies, some confederacies, some are monarchies, and a few are dictatorships. With the humans came the goblins, incredibly intelligent people who despise war in general. Almost every single city built by the freed humans were also built by the goblins, who have become their brothers.

Unfortunately, because of the hatred the humans and goblins have for the elves, they've gathered a bit of bigotry towards all of them. I should mention that there are some elves who dislike the way their old country is acting. There are some who like the often times capitalistic nations the humans have forged. Nevertheless, they are treated as second class citizens.

The other, less important races include orcs, who are used only as miners and loggers because they are incapable of fighting strategically. Also, there are dwarves, who have a incredibly strong fear of the mines. Why? Well, they prefer living nice, comfortable lives in the forests with their human allies. They're typically farmers and loggers, but some are also fishermen. Lastly we have the trolls and ogres, both of whom are offshoots of goblins and orcs. Trolls are the native inhabitants of the moorlands and are generally calm. The ogres, on the other hand, are brilliant strategists who work as generals who the elves.

Oh yes, I also forgot to mention that in the human societies women are considered divine. They are not to be abused, paraded around naked, or treated as inferior. You can thank my healthy distaste of the standard half-naked busty female barbarian who knows only war and... love. Actually, I didn't make them deities or divine by nature, I simply made women what they are: equal to men.

Lastly, there will not be any (ANY!) wise old men, loot-guarding dragons, amnesia riddled youths, half men/half tigers, a fear of technology, perfect heroes, magic using wizards who are feared and wear stupid hats, or names and titles with apostrophes which grammar does not demand naturally.

There will be political and societal problems. There is an economy in each nation and it fluctuates appropriately, then affecting other nations. If one decides to stop growing corn, it then directly harms another.

Oh yeah, I'm making the elves generally weak in terms of their physical strength. They have pointed ears, but they're not floppy bunny ears. Their skin tends to be a bit pale and sickly and they're absurdly thin like they don't consume enough food to exist in the first place. Dwarves are NOT Scottish, not every human knows how to use a sword, and the villain is not a single person or a group of people.


P.S.: That was all one big unedited rant, so I apologize for my lack of grammar.
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