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My new style of writing.

Published by curiousPaul in the blog curiousPaul's blog. Views: 171

Writing in English is my goal to learn something new. In the first sentence and paragraph is the reason for writing it. Any word as a point will have a underline under it. I am also looking for a way to link more information in these paragraphs. It's my new writing style and I hope no one will not like it. It's a lot I do not like about syntax and grammar as well.

I want to be noticed as a writer and loves words plus help others as this forum has helped me. I am a armchair casual writer and loving it. My goal is to be understood. I am working on creating my on writing style which you see here. Once I make up my mind I can do anything.

Grammarly is my software editor, which I have a love-hate relationship with. It's smarter than me, so I pay no attention to some of its perfectness. curiosPaul
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