My Pine tree In The Forest

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This is a poem I have written for my dearly beloved forest and how we met.

Ode to my forest
I have driven to a foreign woods hesitantly.
As it is not my own woods, but I can never go back there now.
I come to a field and decide I will walk into and explore this woods.
I can feel the magic of this forested land.
There is angel white snow on the ground but 3/4th of it has melted.
Standing there in the corner of my forest I see a small pinetree.
On one side of the tree, there are branches all the way down to the ground.
On the other side it is bare up to a perfect point.
Not too high not too low.
Just right.
Perfect place to sit down, and watch the forest.
So I sit and I observe from the stillness underneath my pine.
Minutes pass and I become very relaxed and quiet.
The wind is a refreshing spring breeze on my face and I feel more alive as I drink it in through my breath.
There are rain clouds out, dark blue completely covering the sky. But no rain.
It is beautifully woven to fit my taste.
I hear snow geese honking off behind me on a lake or possibly a pond.
I see a bald eagle majestically fly over me. King of the sky.
There are times of deep silence in my forest, and times where the geese are so loud its all I hear .
I have finally found my forest.

My goal with this poem was to use as many descriptive words as possible. I'll run over this post many more times. It will be changing from time to time until I post I am satisfied with it. Got any comments/critique. Drop me a line.

Until then. Truth out!
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