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Dear Spiderman
At school I was told to do an assignment on reality and I chose to write this letter to you because no matter what people say, you are still real to me. All those days that I went to bed in a happy mood and was excited to wake up the next day were because of you and because you gave me the hope of one day actually having powers like you. Those feelings were real, the hope was real and your existence was real. Now I know that every person has their own reality and feel like you have to let go of most of the things when you grow up but I sure as heck disagree with that. Immature is just a word that boring people use to describe those who know how to have fun. I know so many people that are of course physically present but nothing they do can be considered “real.” Many people nowadays are called “fake” because of their personalities. What exactly makes a real person real? No one has a definite answer to this question. The dictionary definition of “real” is “Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.” I find that BS. I dare these people to look into the eyes of a toddler and tell them that whatever his dream job is, or whatever stories he creates in that tiny little head of his is a lie, tell him that it’s not real. Just like the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, our reality works like that to. One person can have such strong feelings for an idea or an object that isn’t physically present and another person cannot feel for it one bit but that does not give them the right to criticize it.
I am one of the people that believe in the philosophy, “reality is wrong, dreams are for real.” This means that whatever I create up in my head is far more “real” than whatever happens in someone else’s world. Imagine how boring a world it would have been if everyone was the same and no one brought their own unique thoughts into our world. Another example would be a movie or a good book. Once you watch the beginning scene or flip through the pages, you are transported into a whole different world and a part of you starts relating to the characters and feels for them, you form a sort of connection with the characters. Are people out there actually going to tell me that the masterpiece Avatar was not real? Or that the Harry Potter series is just some made up garbage that doesn’t really exist? No! It was someone’s vision, someone’s ideas and someone’s reality that was put into a film or written onto pages for the whole world to see and embraces. For me those things are far more real than any other thing. As a kid my biggest fear was getting attacked by Doctor Octopus and now my biggest fear is failing a class. If you were to ask me which fear is stronger, trust me, without a doubt it has to be Doc Ock. No matter what happens that will always be more “real” to me than anything else.
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