My relaxation: Beer.

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Not saying I'm an alcoholic, or a functioning one. Just that after every three or four nights of sobriety I feel a good relaxing can of beer is in order. Mostly to kick off the weekend. I have awesome weekend BBQ-ing neighbors, and a beer connoisseur husband, Lucky Me!, that help :D

I also want to point out that ALL day, all freaking day, I've trolled WF, waiting for someone to post something on an interesting thread, and only Art was kind enough to log on. Thanks Art for the laughs while I was at work bored out of my gourd this afternoon! And Mallory. *shakes head* Mallory, where were you darling?? I finally found the time and finished your 37pg draft you sent me two weeks ago and I wanted to share my enthusiasm over your writing! :( Serves me right for drinking at a time everyone else would be getting home, or getting off work (9pm CST)...
Le sigh *nods to Link the Writer*, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I will be so occupied with my little Angel of a heathen son I won't worry or wonder about WF until he goes to bed :)

G'night everyone, and sorry for the lightly buzzed ramble/rant. I've kept it bottled all week. Really! All week this sites been slow. I haven't pouted so much since I learned I was going to my high school prom, stag! Grr.
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