My Review of Mel Gibson's 'Hamlet'

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Got this on DVD few weeks back, when I had to write an English paper where I compared this to 'Oedipus'.

Can I say I FRICKIN' LOVED THIS MOVIE!? My God! The setting, the atmosphere, the way the characters held themselves! Astounding! Evenly paced, so I understood exactly what their motives were, I understood exactly what was going on! (And yes, it was on DVD and had closed-captioning, so it was a bonus.)

I just loved Hamlet, the character. Mel Gibson protrayed Hamlet perfectly. I felt myself both enjoying his antics, and being worried about his slippage into insanity (the scene where he invades his mother's bedroom and starts ranting at her stands out the most.) For now on, Hamlet will always be Mel Gibson!Hamlet to me. No other actor can protray Hamlet as good as he.

I shall rate this...

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