My Sayings That I Really Never Say At All...

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I think up sayings from time to time and write them down...

* if the world should flood, sell boats

* the pen is mightier than the sword, but the dollar pays for the pen and the sword, the ink, and the paper

* if you must pray, pray with your eyes open

* the two best questions you can ask is why and why not

* if you're not dead, you're undefeated

* nothing you find worth it is worth giving up on

* when someone has caught you up in your own lie,
and it seems there's no way to talk yourself by,
be justified, indignant, with your chin held high,
and deny, deny, deny

* beware the words never, ever, and forever

* don't just go out, be outgoing

* never trust yesterdays news

* the weakened and desperate will seek help even among their enemies

* it is ironic how often the term "inhumane" is used by humans to describe humans doing very human things

* wars tend to consume the lives of many for the benefit of a few

* in life one must learn to distill ideals from dreams and practicality from ideals

* be quick to learn the lessons fools will provide

* at first, i believed only great men say wise things. i soon realized that all men can say wise things; the good apply it

* if there is money involved, it is a money situation

* be healthy. the mind tends to overlook what the body will not forgive

* it seems men who do nothing believe they have tried everything. men who do everything, believe they have not done enough

* learn to be friendly while being yourself

* there is more joy in delusion than truth

* love bonds closer to lies than truth

* if you want to be happy, do not be too wise. one of the few good things about living is not knowing

* love, lust, and familiarity are like triplets. people often have trouble telling the difference

* life is more tolerable knowing their is no god. i would not want to spend my afterlife with a bigot

* a preacher will only give you words. it is fair to return only as much

* america was the place we fled to in disgust of europe. mars will eventually be the place we flee to in disgust of earth. jupiter, in disgust of mars. saturn in disgust of jupiter.

* a perfect nation would have nobody in it

* she who loves for naught but words has likely found herself a turd

* i think a common mistake with people is that they associate the one evident virtue a person displays with many others they presume him to have because of it

* Government is that house everyone passes and talks about, but none really know what goes on inside

* Do not let presumption interfer with your investigation

* None are so willing to teach then fools

* a soldier is a man who fights another mans war

* ask yourself before you leave, am I truthful or deceived. Do I fight for country or what they, would me, believe

* a good ruler realises he has no authority

* a secret between two is not a secret anymore

* a man with no dreams or goals is a man who has not learned to see beyond himself

* a husband and wife is like the left leg and the right. one goes one way while the other goes another, and yet both manage to always make progress

* the sooner we see woman as equals, the sooner we can be equally as cautious of them

* infamy is popularity under a microscope

* be content, not be told you are

* any system or structure is made to benefit the architect
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