My Second Novel Completed

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Kind of like a sequel to this blog, I've finally put an end to my other novel, 'Heartless'. Rewriting never stops for me, but its ready enough to say that I can share it with someone, and can consider it completely complete after one run-over, maybe.I would thank God for this first, because I've written a 23% longer novel than before in about 31% less time, meaning about double effort! :eek: I was also very busy this summer, having four tuitions going on, whereas last year I was free in summers, literally. I also participated in RPs, so consider my tiredness! Alhamdulillah, Praise be to God, it all worked out eventually, and a day before school I'm done with it.

The novel is listed here. Its genre is plainly religion and life, I guess.

One thing is having a heart of stone.
Another thing is having no heart at all.​
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