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My Story Idea

Published by AmyWriter in the blog AmyWriter's blog. Views: 275

“As I watch my own death take flight I wait for the miracle that is always in the fairytales I read as a child.”-Xander (Future of Depression)

Xander is a 20-year-old brown-haired boy who's a little sadistic. He lives in America in 2198. There's lots of smoke and, as he describes it, "smoke has consumed everyone he ever knew or loved." His mother died of lung cancer when he was a child and his father now has it. He suspects it in himself, too. He wants to change it. Turn this horrible fate of America around. He meets Mimi, a 24-year-old woman from Paris and her little sister, Nagisa, who's 14-years-old. Together the three of them try to change America. Instead of everywhere being the same, other places (Paris, for instance) are better. And other places are worse (like Tokyo). Now, I know this sounds very anti-America (and Tokyo) but I'm not against these places, I just feel like this might be what America (and Tokyo) are like in the future. I can't decide wether they'll go back in time or try to change America in 2198. Anyway, everything is going perfect until a girl comes. She seems to know so much about Xander and Mimi but they never have met her. She's mysterious and doesn't tell them much, not even her name. They decide to call her Myst (short for Mystery). I know it's weird that I named both Mimi and her little sister Japanese names but I just felt like these names fit them best. I might change Nagisa's name, actually. My current name for this story is Future of Depression.
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