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My true form of writing...

Published by Kimi-chan in the blog Autistic in Wonderland~. Views: 167

12/05/11 1:41 PM

I want people to see, no read the power my writing can give. I don't want it to be taken advantage of or even underestimated. I'm sorry if my brain disables me from saying the words. I try to say them but my brain shuts down and everything becomes nothing but a blank.

If I could say the things I felt without my mind shutting down then I would be grateful for that. I don't act this way just because I want attention I act this way because I can't express myself verbally and emotionally. I'm sorry if I can't be perfect. I'm sorry if I can't be look everyone else. You don't even try to understand.

You just assume you understand while changing my way of thinking as if am wrong and you are right. Why can't you realize the struggles? I just want my feelings and emotions to be heard and yet the only way I can do that is with writing.

It's all I have to express myself but here you are expecting me to give you what I am unable to give. All the efforts I have just lead up to me being misunderstood an taken advantage of. You say I have superior writing skills and yet you've never sat down to read the true power I have through writing.

Is it really too much to ask for you to read my feelings when I write? I mean at least you could know me better and know all of my struggles but you don't... I'm so tired of trying when I get shot down.

What reason do I need for you to lean closer and to hear my whispers; the soft cries only I hear from within? If you knew the voice trying to be heard then why can't you listen in the quiet distance of the words I say. Would it even be enough for you to really understand?

There is no point in trying so until you stop and listen... I'll be here suffering in the silence unheard by the noisy world consuming my voice and muting my every word I try to say.

(It comes from my iPad which I just got. >____<)
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