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My world Holy Book: Red Book

Published by Tashanel in the blog Tashanel's blog. Views: 35

When too many questions, I began to think of something. Something that could answer about world building. So, I made a holy book according to my world. Contains about important events that could explain about the shape of my world. I wrote a list of contents. When there is a new thing anymore, I'll add it. And so the progress (A.K.A. my to do list :D )

List of contents:
-The testament chapter
  • King of Land Testament ........................................ [on progress]
  • Queen of sea Testament
  • King of the mid-land Testament
  • Queen of Air Testament
-The origin chapter
  • Landlord
    • The heir
    • Old landlord
  • Children of the earth
    • Pure blood
    • Children of the earth
    • The cursed Barran
  • Mythical being
    • Free will beast
    • Intelligent being
  • Terrestrial beast
-Earth-pillar chapter
  • Land pillar
  • Water pillar
  • Air pillar
-Great forces chapter
  • Origin of great forces
  • Great forces shape
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