Mysterious and/or confusing

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If anyone read my first blog post, they will know that I magically turned the first chapter of my book into a whole novel, thus making my novel a series (I feel conceited thinking people actually bother to remember that). Anyway, I wanted to see if that was the case with all the chapters, and turned my attention to chapter 6, and sure enough. I'm currently 30 000 words in, not even half way. Far from it actually.

Why did I start with chapter/book 6 rather than chapter/book 2 you ask? (No you didn't)

It's chronologically the first, and I wanted all the details covered so that I wouldn't have to go back and forth to change things all the time. Anyway, I showed what I had written and planned out so far to my bff, and while she said she liked it, she had no clue why I called the book The Six, when the group it centers around are only five. Because I want to mysterious, duh. I want people to go: “why do they call themselves The Six when they are five?” My friend think it's silly and confusing, especially as I don't even explain it until later in the series.

I still like it though... and who the sixth member is isn't exactly a shocker when you've read the whole story. Meh, I'm just rambling. If you actually bothered to read this far, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for wasting your precious internet time.
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