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Mystics like Merton

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If I ever get to the U.S. I want to go to Gesthemene, the monastery where Thomas Merton stayed. I think it is in Kentucky? Anyway, I read Seven Storey Mountain like millions of others did. Written in 1948, a best-seller. OK, critics might say it was full of naïve idealism. And very catholic. Still I've remained a fan of Merton and his later books show growth and maturity. Too bad he died so young as he was just about to embrace Buddhism. I'd love to visit a Catholic/Buddhist church, one day. Do they exist already?
But mystics to me are like great writers. They can see more and have more enthusiastic imaginations. They cross boundaries, they help you join the dots, see connections. They live in their spiritual imaginations like St. John of the Cross. They aren't caught up in the material world. They transcend intellectual pride and any form of ego for that matter. They know the value of humility. Humble, humble, humble. That is the key. God aint interested in how smart you are. He's interested in your heart, in your soul.
Before I get accused of preaching, I'd better stop. Each to his own. Good luck on your journey. And wish me luck on mine.
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