NAS: New Character Gavin

Published by Shizai Ko in the blog The Purple Sin Child. Views: 96

I have a new character for my story, Gavin. He is a product of a project called Project Nephilim. Actually, he is the result of an accident during Gavin’s father's and Mr. Six's experiment. They conducted experiments that G.O.D. (Genetics Observation and Development Dpt.) that were not approved by the covenant (the board over G.O.D.) These experiments studied the ability to transfer consciousness from body to body. One day, while developing a custom body, my characters father and several subjects were caught in the electrical explosion that transferred their consciousnesses into my characters embryo body. Although the character grows to be his own mind (soul), many of his decisions and actions are subconsciously controlled by his father’s consciousness and the personality of the others. He befriends Shar and Andrew from the beginning and later on discovers that a factor in him being their friend was to gain Shar’s trust and deliver him to Mr. Six. As so, my character is the testament that Mr. Six’s research was successful and a step in the research for personality engineering for G.O.D. once the covenant discovers Mr. Six’s research and subject.
When Shar and Gavins fights, a leading scientist in the research for named Michael observes how my characters “father” basically “murders” the other consciousnesses by using them as a shield against Shar’s mental attacks, in turn altering Gavin’s personality. Michael later on does the same thing with his “Id” when Kagi attacks him in order to achieve a clairvoyant mind.
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