Nearover Planets farming and climate conditions

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North east Savoa, Draycon lands.

The peaks of North east Savoa are often snow crested. Rain is a common factor the North east Savoa. The lands due to the climate are healthy and fruitful, abundant in flora and fauna. At times the climate can lead to seasonal landslides after the melting of the snow from it's peaks. The weather is often tepid rather then humid.

Borderline Savoa, Human and Tortai lands

The summer periods bring humid weather then make way for monsoonal rains. This area is subject to earthquakes and tremors.

South Savoa Torta and Human lands

Tepid environment, warm with average rain falls. This area is also subject to earthquakes and tremors, there are also several volcanos in the area.

The Arrow head islands.

Wasteland / desert environment. Dew by night and searing heat by day. These lands are commonly under drought. they also suffer from erosion and sandstorms.


Also refer to map.

Central Draycon and human Savoa have a highly productive farmland that grows fruits and vegetables.

Human, Tamshry also hold productive central farming lands

Northwest Arrowhead islands, Hecklings. Have tropical climate fruits they farm certain trees and shrubs for roots and under earth vegetable crops.

Centralised east Arrowhead islands. The same farming applies
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