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Need more practice

Published by elynne in the blog elynne's blog. Views: 196

Today is going to be a writing wash, I'm afraid. Intermittent insomnia, upset stomach, and flu-like symptoms that are probably allergies have me reeling. At least I dug up a proto-fic I'd been meaning to work on, which took some doing through my files, and finally read the revision notes made by a friend who did a beta reading on my finished fic. The revision notes gave me some good ideas. Now I just have to get up the gumption to actually start rewriting the damn thing. The proto-fic has less than one chapter written, and it's in first person perspective, which I've decided to change to third. I want to get writing on the proto-fic, but I feel like if I dive into it before getting some practice I'm just going to make a hideous hash of it, get disgusted, and abandon it. So... need more practice. Maybe I'll do a timed writing practice today, if I can't get any "real" writing done.

Yeah... I'll do a timed writing practice. The words:
1. Convert
2. Furnace
3. Undertake

And my total--842 words! They're terrible, but that's not the point. Also, I have to go feed the cats or Nar is going to dance all over the keyboard and delete everything I've written everywhere forever. Nar is spectacularly insistent when IT'S FEEDING TIME DAMMIT.
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