Nephilim Chapter One Part One

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Theta is not a name. Not a proper name. Theta is a name for a project, or a function, not a human. That is why it was a good name for the person who had it.

Theta wasn't a human. Couldn't be. His eyes were far too blue, and his skin far too pale. His teeth were much too sharp, and the smile they were set in said far more than any human smile ever could. No human smile could play trickster, sage, and friend all at once. No human could ever truly fill all those roles at once either. His moon pale face, and ivory white teeth were offset by brown hair that neared ebony, the color of his shoes, pants, and jacket. His white shirt, beneath the jacket, was addorned with an ocean blue necktie and silver buttons. He seemed an aristocrat, strange for someone who claimed to be a traveling merchant.

Theta looked up at the storm clouds so rude as to rain on him and frowned. In fact, he seemed so taken in by his irritations, a passing observer would've thought Theta ignorant of the ghostly robes that floated ominously behind him. The robes were tattered, dusty, and mysteriously immune to the effects of the rain, not even a drop had landed upon them. They were empty, or at least appeared so, but the black smoke that poured from the cowl said otherwise.

"I hate it when it rains, especially before a mission," Theta said, his light voice sounding bored and annoyed. He ran a hand through his short hair and sighed.

"Do you consider the weather an omen?" the wraith behind him asked, its voice an ice cold whisper.

"Not at all. I just have a certain image I like to maintain, and it's hard to do so if I'm soggy." Theta turned about to face his spectral friend and forced a wry smile.

"We sense an artifact in Esthin Castle." Esthin was the name of the city that Theta was currently in. It was nearing holiday, and he always made a lot of money there.

"Good for you, Vikrim. Why should I care?"

"We want you to secure the castle for us."

"By secure you mean..."

"Kill everyone inside."

"Why not just invade?"

"There is a powerful spiritual barrier. We could take it down, but we would lose many in the process."

"I see... I'll do it, but I want something."

"Name it."

"A Demon's Blood gem."
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