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Friends are flowers,

…yeah it’s a cheesy cliché line I know. Think about it for a moment, when a flower begins to die the petals start to wilt then they fall away. I have two internet buddy’s Mae and Scott and once a year or so ago we were great friends, unfortunately our friendship was based around an RPG we worked on together. At first their were ten or so of us. Each of us took on the role of a character in a small town. Like most RPG’s people started to drift away from the RPG and soon we were the only ones left in it. We managed to keep it going for a very long time, then I drifted from Mae and Scott. Scott is a very quiet person he never really tried to stay in contact with me, I guess I didn’t make it easy considering my msn Address was changed. Mae sent me a lot of personal messages on the ABD site I went there occasionally and replied to the messages, I never made much of an effort.

I guess you could say I’m a selfish person, my concepts of friendship aren’t the greatest. I feel like if people aren’t going to make an effort for me I won’t either.

Anyway enough of the blah, blah. So recently we start talking again and I even joined another RPG they are in. These guys pretty much taught me everything I know about grammar and structure in my paragraphs and so on. I was useless before that, I owe Scott a lot for the help his given me.

The friendship isn’t like it use to be. Mae’s kids have grown up and she’s making the most of her life getting into her work study’s Scott’s still Scott and as always I’m never sure where I stand with him. His had a lot of hurt in his life so he lefts people come to him and not the other way around. I think the friendship is starting to die again already.

Do friendships made on the internet ever last?
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