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New animation idea

Published by Dreamer in the blog Dreamer's blog. Views: 123

I confess. I've become slightly obsessed with a big chunk of writing from the old country.

Well, okay. Not obsessed. I just like it better than any of the other things similar to it. So I've decided I want to animate it. With the new graphics program and animation studio I've on my list, it should be a blast. It's the permissions I'm worried about. Were it a story or a poem or even a novel by a member, it would be easy. But it's a storybook. A storybook is a bit like a round robin. Some SBs have a certain order of posting (Joe, Jane, Mike, Sally, Joe, Jane, Mike, Sally, Joe...) and others don't. Long and short of it.

So I have quite a few authors to contact if I want to make and post the animation.

Link to the graphics program.

Planning to use Maya animation studio. In short, it would be awesome. Already screen planning. I plan to do it, if only for myself. I just can't post it anywhere or show it without the consent of the authors.

So I'm hoping I can get permission from all of them because it would take some effort to animate it, and if I do it, I want to be able to show it.

...Bit worried about the voices, though. That could be a snag, what with only girl vocal chords at my disposal and a few male characters to talk for.

...I'll figure it out.
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