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I hope I will keep this one up. I usually start a blog, but then I forget about it. I plan to stick around at this site though, so I hope I don't forget about this blog.
Tomorrow I am moving out of my moms and into my own place. I have lived on my own before, but due to be laid-off I had to move back home. I am hoping this time will be more successful. I can't wait to be back in my own place again. I think my cats will be happier as well. My mom has two dogs and they are always chasing them.
I will be glad to have my own space though. Before I moved back home, I lived with a couple friends for a couple months. I don't mind living with people, it's just you don't get much privacy. I need my privacy so I can write more. The past ten months I barely have been able to write. I don't have the internet on the computer in my room, so I can't do much research and I need to research.
Also, I like the fact with living on my own I can shower whenever I want, do laundry, watch what I want on tv and not have to use my mom's computer. I can leave a twenty dollar bill sitting on the table and know that when I get home, it will still be there. I can sing as loudly as I want. I can sleep in as long as I want without feeling guilty. I can go to sleep when I want without having to hear noises of others moving around. I can ahve friends over who can stay as long as they want.
I am just looking forward to all that. I barely get to watch tv, so when I do, it feels like a luxary. Plus if I want to go for a walk at 4 am due to imsomnia, I can without having to worry about waking anyone else. I can have a lot more space then ONE room. That's what I hate the most, having everything I own in one room.

Tomorrow just can't get here fast enough... plus there is all the unpacking to do.
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