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No Good

Published by J.P.Clyde in the blog Locket in my Pocket. Views: 120

I'm tired of feeling like I'm no good. That I have no talent in anything. Been recently playing a game online. And everyone with the money gets to buy the items and everyone who has no money has to start off with cheap armor that is no good.
I use to be really good at this game too. But I am finding more and more people bring in their Queens and Kings instead of fighting with the pawns and then the knights and then the queens and kings.
I keep losing to Queens and Kings; sometimes Gods. Might makes right. But it makes me feel like shit. I want to be good at something. But I am no good.
I have no talent in Halo. I mean sometimes, but not all the time. I have no talent in Pokemon [yes able to admit that I play Pokemon online]. Because I'm faced with being honorable and respectful to my opponents or falling into their same dirty tricks.
Why am I not good?
I use to be good at fighter games online. But now everyone cheats. And I'm tired of it. Where did honest gaming go? Where did respect go?
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