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No more compulsory education

Published by GonzoCeltic in the blog GonzoCeltic's blog. Views: 51

I've always had sort of a nihilistic outlook on life. I never have liked being made to do things, yet I do accept the fact that you have to do things you're told by your parents, etc.

In school, you can give me a book to read but I won't read it. I'll read what I want to read on my own terms. Reading should not be pointed as a chore -- reading should be thought of as a hobby. Forced reading is awful, and is why most people my age 'dislike' reading these days.

I graduate from high school on June 12, but it wasn't anything near of an experience as being 'educating' should be. Nobody in school giving a crap about their work, teachers not giving a crap whether students cheated or not. It was all a bunch of crud. Thus why my grades were horrendous and hence why I'm going to a community college for a couple of years to rectify my GPA.
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