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no pea in my pod.

Published by wordwizard in the blog wordwizard's blog. Views: 92

no bun in my oven..yet

My husband and I are trying for another baby.
We haven't told the inlaws yet because they will call every 5 minutes to ask if I am pregnant yet. They are pretty invasive that way.

I already have a 6 year old girl. Who is amazing. So sassy and grown up. Yes if I get pregnant now there will be a huge age gap, but I planned it that way. I had my daughter very young and needed the time with just us.

Now that my daughter is going into grade 1...
I will be able to focus a lot of my time on any new arrivals coming my way.

I will be happy with any gender-blah blah blah as long as it's healthy, blah blah blah.....but I am hoping for another girl lol, because I know what to do with them lmao.

silly I know.
I figured my husband would be thrilled to have a boy, but he suprised me the other night by saying he would like another girl.

Now it for sure will come out a boy. hahaha

I looked up a chinese gender predictor and if I got pregnant between now and december it says I will have a boy. Only 90 percent accurate.

I am so excited i have already thought of a few names

Girl: piper-my fav
stella, hadley, demi, or marlow

Boy: forrest-my fav
diem, callum,milo, or seth

anyways wish me fertility ladies and gents.
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