No Pressure Right?

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*takes a deep breath*


This is my personal space. *looks around*

I could get cozy in here. Filling these blank boxes with some of my thoughts, or episodes of road rage, or even on the dynamics of my relationship. That last one might get a bit too personal, I'll try and keep it light. Though our roommate loves to listen to our bantering; it makes her giggle.

If the timing is right and the mood hits, I might get some really good stuff written here. Only time will tell. I'd say I'm going to write in here every day, but that would be a lie. In all honesty though, I'm not sure I have enough to share on a daily basis. Some things are better left to be put in my personal hand-written journal. The one that will be discovered after my death.

So. Here's to this and whatever it may bring. *shrugs*


Creativity exists in the searching, even more than in the finding.
- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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