*No Trust*

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I can't help but think cuz in reality thats all that I can do.
I can't help but have my guard up,
too many people try to play me like they fool.
Im tired of hearing trust me, Im tired of f*cking believing.
That's why now I can't help but turn my back and letchu know that I'll be leaving.
Yea, I'm quick to let go...
Yea, I'm quick to give up...
But in reality, my heart just don't give a f*ck.
Somebody speak to me with truth, I'm so f*ckin fed up with the lies.
You can try to play me stupid but you ain't never gon see me cry.
Tears don't fall from these eyes, they're all dried out.
And my ears is f*ckin tired of hearing mutha f*ckas shout.
For that reason I don't want nobody, but I can't stand to be alone.
The sound of silence takes me to a zone.
My life's a f*ckin circle, once again I start the thinking.
But my heart and souls already sunk,
So I ain't worried about it sinking....

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