Nominated! I feel like a movie star...

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So, my school has their version of the Oscars at the end of every year for the best material in film school. And I've been NOMINATED for Best Feature Screenplay for my thesis, Coffee Spoons. I nearly peed my pants this morning when I found out and I still haven't been able to focus at my Dark Horse internship all day. My boss is a Chapman alumni, so he knew what I was blathering on about at school.

Anyway, I just want to scream my head off. I haven't been able to get the notes for my thesis revision from my advisor yet... but he must have been the one to nominate me... so he can't have hated it.

AHHHH!!! It's so cool! I have to go by a dress becuase it's a blacktie type event!

But I need to focus and finish this application for the IFP Emerging Narrative Competition which is due tomorrow. But all want to do is get drunk and plan how I'm going to do my hair.
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