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Running backwards through a doorway to an endless flight of stairs,
The marten gave a shiver, for he was truly scared.
The lobsters clambered up the walls to see the fool advance,
And, in excitement, called all crustaceans up to dance.

In flew the owl - his down pearl white, his eyes as wise as winter.
He took good note of the marten’s fright and so the noble thinker
did suggest that perhaps the marten take a partner on his voyage,
So that on his journey downward all danger could be avoided.

“Yea, good thinking,” cried the marten and summoned his friend tortoise,
Who arrived promptly after, astride a mighty porpoise.
And so began the daunting trip to far-away-and-gone,
The tortoise upon the marten’s back looking down, along.

They noted spiders on the walls and markings - painted faces,
Scary looking people of many different races.
They saw them fighting, guns in hand and many lying dead,
With spears in chests and bombs of death and a man without a head!

They saw man’s war stretch ever more beyond what light could reach,
“Wasn’t it goodness,” the marten began, “that these men set out to teach?”
“Yes,” said tortoise, “but goodness died along with man’s lost conscience.
Now we live eternally to revel in their nonsense.”

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