Noodle Poodle

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So, continuing in my goofy streak is the Noodle Poodle poem I am working on. I'm having some difficulty. Feel free to add a stanza of your own making. Don't be angry if I say, "Meh!" :p

Noodle Poodle took some strudel 8
to her sister in the city. 8
She said to her, "Hello, my dear. 8
You're looking rather pretty." 7

Sister Poodle took the strudel 8
out into the garden. 6
She said to Noodle, “Sister dear, 8
I really must beg pardon.” 7

Noodle Poodle cut the strudel 8
and served it up with tea. 6
She said to Sister, “Why, my dear? 8
You must explain to me.” 6

Sister Poodle ate her strudel, 8
and took in a deep breath. 6
She said to Noodle, “Sister dear, 8
I am really quite bereft.” 6

Noodle Poodle dropped her strudel, 8
and it fell into the grass. 7
She said to Sister, “Oh, my dear! 8
What could have come to pass?”6

Sister Poodle pushed her strudel 8
'round upon her plate. 6
She said to Noodle, “Fine, my dear."
I'll tell you of my fate."
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