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Yuck. I haven't done this in a while, but it's a very personal one:


nor-mal/-adjective 1. conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural

With every life comes it's differences...Throughout that life will come problems, and with each problem the answer is soon to follow. The way of life now is to be normal...Not stand out and be a different person...being scared to show who you really are...and when you do you get labeled: jock, prep, geek, whore, bitch, gay, lesbian. Yet, these are the things that make people who they are and seperate us from the kid next door. Recently I took a test using myself as the subject, just to see how people would react to the smallest in what clothes you are wearing (etc. I came to school that day wearing skinny jeans, and eyeliner.) I would like to know why people judge others because of differences in appearence...and how people react so greatly to a change of style. Over the past couple of weeks I have found out who I really am....I happen to be gay. I have friends who support me with it all the time, and I am proud of them for standing with me in my decisions. Now it is a challenge for me to tell everyone I love, for I fear they will not care for me anymore...I believe that when you lie it is harder to tell the truth, and keeping a secret from most of my friends is like telling 47 lies at the same time...making it harder and harder to tell the truth...I find it hard to tell people my true feelings in any other way, so i am using this blog to tell all of you the truth....

Truth [trooth]-an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.
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