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North, South, East, or West

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 148

Imagine your soul hanging in a void surrounded by a perfect nothing but empty blackness. So light your thoughts are the heaviest thing on you. You are only aware of the four cardinal directions. Which direction do you feel a pull to; a spiritual affinity towards?

Looking at a compass and thinking about it, it seems like each direction has a general spiritual characteristic about it.

North: travel, discovery, danger, challenge

South: apathy, pain, runaways, lifeless

East: mystical, adventurous, persevering, determined, spiritually rich

West; methodical, analytical, mechanical, disseminating

Me, the two I felt drawn towards the most was the east by far, and slightly the north. But that does not describe my character. I'm the exact opposite, in truth. More inclined to be majorly west and slightly south. I wonder if it is because opposites attract. If we are one way, we seek somewhere towards our opposite.

So I'm West and South
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