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Not a good start to the week

Published by Speedy in the blog Speedy's Blog Central. Views: 108

Was feeling really low/depressed yesterday. Was online, and Joanne came online when i was on a massive low.(I really should have logged off at this stage)

End result, 6 hours of me talking about how depressed i am, how i don't think we could work out, how i should just end everything because it was all to hard.

i can't even remember what i was talking about, as i do after hitting really massive pole hole emotions.

I know i made her cry all night, and she is still crying today at work. She just emailed me telling me this, after i sent an email.

So i told her i won't contact her until i see the psychiatrist. Not sure if i should even bother now.

Whats the point when you have succeed it pushing everything of a cliff.
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