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NOT a rejection letter

Published by afinemess in the blog afinemess's blog. Views: 131

I have been discouraged for a while. I didn't think my query was good enough, and I'd received alot of rejection. Something got into me today, and I rewrote it on a whim. I made it shorter, more to the point. I submitted it this morning to two more agents via email, along with the first 5 pages, and one has already responded requesting additional materials!! I am so happy, I literally am crying. Just to know that finally I did something that got someone interested, it feels like a huge accomplishment, and I wanted to share it with you all. Even though it is just a small step, to me, it's leaps and bounds from failing english classes and spending hours upon hours being tutored after school because of my dyslexia. I pray and hope this is just the first of many steps to publication.
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