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Not Happening...

Published by Strwbry-Bubblez in the blog Strwbry-Bubblez's blog. Views: 82

Disrespect is something I've had for most of my life.
The extracurricular activity I had was to have to fight.
Now I've grown stronger and have took care to not be in those situations.
I'd be damned before I have some stupid ass nigga come along like I'm stupid.
I'd be damned before you make me look dumb.
I ain't takin no disrespect, once you've made me feel it, to feelings I go numb!
Damn youre confused. Damn boi youre wrong!
I don't care if you're thinking I'm weak, cause thats my only way of feelings strong.
Standing up for myself, closing up to all the disrespect and pain.
You think that in my life I'ma let in the rain??
I ain't having no more relationships bringing me side effects.
I accept you being out my life before letting in some disrespect!!

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