Not particularly logical

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I am buying a salmon pink shirt and will get my hair cut with a dinky little mohawk and I'll put in lots of product. I'll wear my collar turned up and will use big words like "disgusting" and "expressionist". I will shake hands with my left hand and snigger at inappropriate times. There will be laughter, but I may only smile tiredly in the manner of one who has seen it all. If they find me boring I will dance, very slowly, and only using my lower body and my nose. I will insist on riding the elevator alone.

I cannot be stopped, only slowed down for short periods of time.

These are the words of the prophet Calib Cardboard Constona the Eighteenth.
He who doubts, dost only destroy his own hose, and needs must weareth the hose of another, yea, and is verily a fool.

I believe that children are our future. And old people are a burden on the state and must be recycled to feed the children. As children grow fatter, more old people must be sacrificed. This is the Way of Jeremiah the Foul.
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