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Not quite a Horror Story, but it is the season. :P

Published by Cave Troll in the blog Cave Troll's blog. Views: 130

Since I do enjoy the Halloween spirit, and kinda want to enjoy what little I can of it. As well as give back a smidgen (sorry I don't has candy, and I can't send it via fiber optics if I did). :p

So instead I would like to share more of anti-fan-fiction story I wrote, after reading a particularly disturbing BDSM Erotica that really bothered me. And to make it more fun, I made it a kinda crossover with only Corlixia as the main point of view. So while it does share some things with my Duology, it has nothing to do with it overall. Also it kinda takes a similar (if not a more violent, and thematic) tone to the original story that it is crossed with. I started with the beginning of the original, but using Cor's perspective. And don't take the way she is portrayed to be as serious as she is in her parts she portrays in her original story line. To add just a bit more there is some 'time travel' to it, as Cor and crew end up in 2016 (and later back to 2716). It seemed the only way to make the whole thing work out. (It is unfinished, but I don't think I need to match the originals 11k, as it is just under 7k)

So if you are bothered by creepiness, gore, violence, language, and torture. Feel free to skip this one. If you are still here the text file will be down below.

So Enjoy and Happy Halloween. :supersmile:

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