nothhing, no title

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sometimes I wonder
if I've any friends at all
they say ne'ry a word to me in summer
attached to my hip come fall

or even worse
"I'm there for oyu"
yet no actions prove said words true

I admit that I'm not always nice
but I don't lie
about how I feel
I tell you true
"I just don't want to be 'rpound you"

Can these words not be spoken to me
or are there none that wish to say them
I don't want a bff
but I want to know I've freinds left

people don't like when I'm
always calming me down when I'm mad
but no one seems to care,
I'm at the bottom of the list

I hear people talkin all the time
bout their friends
and their crazy times

but where am I
all alone
trying to figure out where I went wrong

or is this just how it is to be
me alone
yet always friendly
there are those I wonder
what you say when I can't hear
and those that I fear have a different face from what I've seem
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